"Verses Undefined"
CD (includes digital download access)


01. Verses
02. Dimensions
03. Episodes
04. Droplets
05. Rummage
06. Precession
07. Darkmatters
08. Everything


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With two very different musical backgrounds, they merged into one extraterrestrial ensemble. “Verses Undefined” blends both the turntablist and the pianist into a unified sound. What began as an experiment, blossomed into a cosmic adventure of musical creation. This is an ode, with a futuristic twist, to the intergalactic soundtracks that deeply inspires. Think of it as the soundtrack to your galaxy.

Packo & Luly Tunez : Verses Undefined : 2016

Produced, Recomposed & Rearranged by: Packo
Lead Piano & Arrangements by: Luly Tunez
Recorded & Mixed at: Skratchmore
Art Direction & Photography: Pete Ulatan for Ulatan.com
Additional Photography by: Aaron Yoshino, Shirley Lam
Mastering: Soundlab
Original recordings appear courtesy of their respective authors and artists.

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