With two very different musical backgrounds, they merged into one extraterrestrial ensemble. The purpose for “Verses Undefined” was to blend both the turntablist and the pianist into an unified sound. What started as an experiment, blossomed into a cosmic adventure of musical creation. This is an ode, with a futuristic twist, to the intergalactic soundtracks that deeply inspired us. Think of it as the soundtrack to your galaxy.


01. Verses
02. Dimensions
03. Episodes
04. Droplets
05. Rummage
06. Precession
07. Darkmatters
08. Everything

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Packo & Luly Tunes : Verses Undefined

Produced, Recomposed & Rearranged by: Packo
Lead Piano & Arrangement by: Luly Tunez
Recorded & Mixed at: Skratchmore
Art Direction: & Photography: Pete Ulatan for
Mastering: Soundlab
Original recordings appear courtesy of their respective authors and artists.